Thursday, June 9, 2016

Friday's Hunt Jun 10 2016

I looked up nouns beginning with the letter 'X' and except for xylophone they all looked like drugs. So in the spirit of creativity...
The early morning sky was 'x'tra awesome this morning and I was 'x' trememely 'x'cited to see it.

This is my favorite this week because other than swooping through, this is the first time a Rose Breasted Grosbeak has stopped for a visit.

Wet (Water)
Our resident bullfrog is wet in the shade of a water iris.



  1. What a cute bird, don't see one of those in Florida

  2. The early morning sky was 'x'tra awesome this morning and I was 'x' trememely 'x'cited to see it works for me...and so does your Grosbeak and wet and water. Great job Gayle!

  3. Good to thnk 'out f the box' for the letter X. I love your resident frog and certainly that Rosebeak is a beautiful coloured bird. I hope you wil pop in to see me finds so until next week, have a great one.

  4. I do miss having a pond looking at yours.

  5. Love the grosbeak photo. Good choices for this week.

  6. That water iris is so pretty! Lovely shot with the bullfrog. Nice creativity with X, and that's my kind of favorite picture - a feeder visitor.

  7. Love your creative interpretation for X. Beautiful image. The grosbeaks are such pretty birds. I miss having feeders set up this summer. Adorable shot of the frog. Thanks for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

  8. Fabulous sky watch and garden impressions.
    Best, Synnöve

  9. These are wonderful Gayle, that's a gorgeous sky and the Red-breasted Grosbeak and little frog photos are darling.

  10. a great set, the frog was a favorite. i hope you are having a happy weekend!!!!


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