Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday's Hunting Venture atMuldoon 03 Jun 2016

Watermelon from Monday's picnic.

Peonies are my favorite flowers

This is a photo in which the subject flew away
but hey, it fits the hunt for rough.

Be sure to check out what everybody else
bagged on their hunts here:


  1. I love the star shaped watermelon and yellow Paeones are less common than the red, whote and pink one and makes a lovely change. Hope you will pop in to see mine, (published yesterday). Have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. You nailed this one...all are spot on!

  3. Those subjects are hard to keep contained! LOL Enjoyed your pretty flowers.

  4. great finds I love peonies as well the seem to take their time as they open up into that beautiful flower
    come see us at

  5. Wonderful series! That watermelon is so cute with the star shapes. Love the image of the peony. I hate when the subject flies away, but you still managed to have a great photo. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  6. Ohh watermelon...I love it. I am a true southern girl and can never have to much watermelon...and your peony is lovely.


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