Sunday, June 12, 2016

Spring to Summer June 12 2016

The month of June ushers in Summer atMuldoon
and we find ourselves staying more 'local' these days.

The native Rhododendron protect their blooms
until late, late spring in western P. A. 

New life appears in place of that which has passed.

The late setting sun slices in from the northwest.

And the early morning sun has almost reached its peak.
Shining through the flowers and bushes from the northeast. 

Yep, June is busting out all over atMuldoon
and the RG (retired gardener) and I are enjoying 
the 'simple pleasures' of this 'season' of our lives.
We spent a lovely few days this past week
clearing out the spring perennial left-overs
and planting, the soon to be beautiful, annuals.


  1. What a gorgeous bloom! I hope you are having a beautiful's muggy and rainy here, with more to come tomorrow.

  2. Hello, love the sunlight and the gorgeous blooms. Beautiful photos! Have a happy week ahead!

  3. It looks like this summer I'm also more local (since we just built a studio:) ) Love the light pin Rhododendron. Thanks so much for sharing these flowers with SEASONS! A beautiful post:) Also love the last capture -with the sun shining beautifully on it! Wishing you a great week - and I go by Jesh~ :)

  4. your garden is beautiful! have a lovely week!

  5. Brings back memories...I haven't seen a rhododendron for years now. I grew up with bushes right underneath my window.

  6. Beautiful lighting in these photographs. Native Rhododendrons are a wonderful sight. Your garden must be equally so at this time of the year, and the rest of the year I'm sure :)

  7. That first shot of the Rhodie is so pretty. Lovely shade. - Planting and watching everything bloom and grow is always a nice thing.


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