Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Misery Bay

 In 1926, the Perry monument was built to commemorate Oliver Hazard Perry on his victory over the British 
in the battle on Lake Erie. 
The monument is a 101 feet (30.8 m) obelisk 
located at Crystal point on Presque Isle.

Perry used the peninsula’s Presque Isle Bay as a place to build six of nine of the ships in his fleet. This location protected the men by creating an obstacle for potential attackers who would have to travel around the peninsula to reach them.

 A replica of Commander Perry's battle flag.

The small bay near the tip of the peninsula was named Misery Bay, Many hardships took place there after the battle, 
in the winters of 1812–1814. 


  1. I sometimes think about all the misery they had to go through back then, just building the ships had to be so hard. we really should look back at history and it will let us know how wonderful we have it instead of complaining about what we don't have.
    I will be posting more photos from the civil war encampment. it was wonderful, like steping through a time warp.we rode on the train and got caught in the middle of a battle, so real and a real heads up to the times

  2. wonderful monument...i think people then were just a whole lot stronger!

  3. This treasure I missed during my short visit to the park last year. I sure need to return and spend some more time there. Gayle, thanks for sharing, please stop back again.

    1. Be prepared for lots of Pokeman players. It's a hot spot.

  4. A very noble monument for such a leader and the views across the lake are picturesque now but back then times were so hard. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonderful monument to a brave and important man!


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