Friday, October 14, 2016

The Whole Story

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House Finch

'Week's Favorite'
A little fluff
It reminds me of the Swing Ride at a carnival.

One Whole Egg
Recipes sometimes call for 1 whole egg.
Have you ever tried to adjust a recipe and achieve 1/2 egg?
I have and it's a pure guessing game. 

I guess this counts
for those who are watching their cholesterol. 


  1. love the photo of the egg.. and that little bit of fluff is a lot of gorgeous

  2. Your house finch is a pretty bird. You must feed a lot with that large feeder. The milk weed gone to seed it also pretty. At Dad's farm, we had to hoe down every milk weed we could find. He would have a tizzy if he had this one.
    "The whole egg?" Our daughter asked Mrs. Jim that several times before she added the egg to her cake mixture. Each time Mrs. would tell her, "Yes, K.., the whole egg." We couldn't eat the cake because of the broken pieces of egg shell.

  3. I still waiting for the milkweed to split open. Eggs get a bum rap!

  4. Loved the forst 3 shots but that last shot, someone eat my other bit!!!!

  5. Cute finch shot. Love the fluffy tufts, too! Egg--good choice for whole.

  6. Your photos are stunning. You have a wonderful eye and great steady hands.

  7. Great peekaboo shot! I have a bird feeder and am always amazed at what the birds do...AND those darn squirrels. Great shot of the milkweed...and love the egg...

  8. Love the house finch! They are awfully cute. Nice image of the fluff. Very pretty. Eggs are a bit difficult to divide. I did see once how many tablespoons one egg was, but it would still be a guess. Sorry I'm so late to get around visiting this week. I do appreciate your participation!


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