Friday, September 2, 2016

Surprises; Simple Pleasures

'J'ust a fact.
Lucy never ceases to amaze us with the comfort zones she creates all on her own. And watching her do it is entertaining.
This body pillow was laying across the back of the sofa before she 're-arranged' things to her satisfaction and snuggled in.

I called it a hovercraft; the RG chose drone.

See 'Favorite' above. I was capturing the butterfly and spied the bee when I downloaded the photo.


  1. bob would say drone, I said helicopter. he is a great capture. and so is the snuggling dog.. Lucy is sooooo beautiful. Our Jake had another nasty fight with a raccoon at 5 am today in the lighting storm. he is ok with a few bites

  2. Hello, your Lucy looks adorable AND so comfy! Love the bee capture. Happy Friday, have a happy weekend!

  3. Awww...Lucy looks awfully precious in this photo.

  4. Drone vs hovercraft...same thing just different era's. Love the pic though. Interesting to get a bee hovering like that. And Lucy looks so comfy and sweet! She knew what she was doing! Great post. Thanks

  5. That's a very cool shot of the butterfly and the bee. Where would we be without our animal friends? :-)

  6. I love photo surprises! Your dog looks sweet....we plan to get another dog after we move; probably a rescue. We had the most awesome Rhodesian Ridgeback named Penny for a number of years and lost her to cancer before we came out to Tucson. Our landlord wouldn't allow pets, and we have missed that companionship.

  7. Lucy is adorable! She certainly does look comfortable. I love the that second image. It's always fun to have those little surprises when you see your photo larger. Thanks so much for joining me in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!


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