Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Fence Remained

As I drove up Muldoon after a storm,
I said 'oh no'.
Say it isn't so. 
But it was so. 
The RG began the clean-up shortly thereafter. 
He also determined that #2 was unstable as well.
Sad to see two tall soldiers go but never the less;
The Fence atMuldoon Remained.
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  1. sorry for the loss of trees. i do like your fence. :)

    (i fixed your link. you had it pointed to the stone bridge post instead of this fence. :))

  2. So sorry. We went through that here six years or more. It is

    devastating I know . We lost the whole road of 100 year old trees.

  3. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Your landscaping and fencing are beautiful!
    Lori from LL Farm

  4. Love the planting in the last shot against the fence

  5. Oh how sad about the beautiful trees. I'm glad the fence remains and you have pretty flowers to look at as well. Perhaps some "new" trees will be planted soon.

  6. That is sad. Always sad to see a beautiful tree having to go. We have had several fall in the neighborhood over the years, some that have done quite a bit of damage to houses in the process and others whose limbs break off and cause irreparable damage to itself, one this past week. Glad no one was hurt. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my pet hospital mural. Have a great day :)

  7. Unfortunately, those things happen. Glad to see the fence remained.

  8. glad the fence survived but yes it is sad to see downed trees.

  9. Always so sad to see a tree removed because of storm damage or disease. Love the fence, though.

  10. And such a cool fence it was.....pretty views!!

  11. It is sad to see trees go - but safety has to be considered - great shots. Lovely scenery.


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