Saturday, April 9, 2016

Barns - Variety of Colors 041016

Nice with the windmill appearing.

Nice lines and like the second story vents.

Well maintained despite the traffic through the middle.



  1. Great collection this week Gayle. I was in a hilly Amish community yesterday and the last barn would have looked at home there. The white barn with the red roof is beautiful in its simplicity. Thanks for joining this week and please come back soon.

  2. Very nice barns and I wouldn't like the traffic going through if it were my place but maybe there is not too much traffic. Always liked a windmill.

  3. That first barn is so perfectly white!

  4. Very beautiful! I mentioned you on my blog today! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Oh, wow, I would love to travel by any of those...but I do love that last shot best of all. But love that second barn's vents, and honestly don't know if I would have noticed if you had not mentioned them.


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