Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Definitely a Warm Heart Here 042016

You know how they say 'children are always watching you'.
Well I guess our 6yr old granddaughter has been watching more intently than I realized.
Just love the seriousness of her expression.
And . . . she composed and shot the three on the right
with no coaching.

Definitely warmed this grandma's heart.

thanks to Teresa at Eden Hills


  1. The expression she has whilst shooting the daffodils is fantastic. And she are showing great skills for her young age, so understands that it warms grandma´s heart.

  2. She's following in your footsteps, Gayle. Happy Warm Heart Wednesday.
    Our six-year-old granddaughter does similarly. She took the camera reins before she was two, now takes her own on her iPhone or iPad. (She's had an iPad also before she was two. I have her hand-me-down now as she got a new one for Christmas.) (not to brag--any more--but you can see her by doing a search on KP)

  3. How sweet! It's nice to see her starting so young!

  4. She's taking her photography very seriously. I love the way she's concentrating on the subject. How sweet!

  5. Good eye! How fun that she is taking after Grandma.


  6. My grandma's heart was warmed too. I think you 'get' my post. Some others didn't. You've taken some sweet shots. Pretty girl and pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing. Come over and visit.


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