Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hand In Hand

This week I'm combining a Barn and a Treasure
Just because they appeared hand in hand.
As it often does, a country ride led me to the geographic location of my ancestors in the hope that a clue would appear for what family researchers call a 'brick wall'. But I digress.

As I came over the brow of a hill this
thoroughly modern pristine barn appeared

in the company of this
not so new, nor pristine, van.
Seems this company has been around a long time.

My final question is
which came first; 
the bush or the vehicle?

Truck on over to:
both w/Tom


  1. Thats a nice combination of old and new!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. I would have left the van there as well. It adds a little something to the scenery.

  3. Gayle, I see that rural landscape is changing in your neck of the woods as it is here. These soft sided "barns" have become popular here also. At first your yellow treasure looked like an old milk truck, but then you zoomed in. The nice thing about a trip down the backroads is that you never know what you may find. Please keep looking and sharing.

  4. Excellent shot of old and new. I would say if you park something long enough some thing will grow around it.

  5. Hello, these are great shots and a mix of old and new. I like the shape of the barn! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Love your question, lol! I kinda like old vehicles abandoned in fields though. ;)

  7. Great question, but do you know the answer? I like the pictures....

  8. A good question and what may the two birds in the bush think about that vehicle?
    The photo is a nicce combination between the new barn and the old truck.

  9. Fun catch with the barn and that great old cargo van/truck.

  10. Looks like the vehicle hit the bush, but the bush survived. ;-) Nice photos!

  11. hmmmm not sure! but i like the old vehicle!

  12. I'm wondering, why would they park so close to the bush, and I think the bush grew up afterwards. Interesting old van.

  13. I'm going to say the vehicle parked there first. LOL I love those genealogy trips. Of course, they are always more fun when they pan out.


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