Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday 040816

Relaxed with a novel this week: 


The BUCS are off to a good start. Winning their season opener and making it a clean sweep three game series. 

Saw this fun metal sculpture of a large mouth bass 
at a sporting goods store.

Country singer, Merle Haggard died on his 79th birthday.

The RG and his long time fishing partner have joined a new tournament circuit this year. 
They will be fishing primarily lakes in eastern Ohio.
With the first one being this Sunday they may find this in the morning.

Joining three memes:


  1. Great collection...short and sweet!

  2. Hello, great series Gayle. It has been frosty early in the morning. Maybe even some snow coming tonight. Good luck to RG. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. I have enjoyed several novels by Roseanna white. A very comical bass sculpture! Great finds for Friday!

  4. Fun series. I giggled at the fish sculpture ... that would be a winner if caught at one of the tournaments! Ha! Happy Friday!

  5. your broom picture made me laugh for the "clean sweep" lol..congrats to your team! i love baseball season! that's a really cool fish! i always find it so weird when someone dies on their birthday. thank you for linking and have a great weekend!!

    1. Many Pirate fans take brooms of all kinds to the games and wave them around.

  6. brrrrr - not ice fishing, i suppose - but, cold enough to feel like it . .
    that sculpture is making me smile.

    1. Not ice fishing (maybe). Hmm, should I suggest they take the auger just in case?

  7. Ha! Fun pics! I'm about done with these frosty mornings!!! :-)

  8. Good to catch up with the moments from your week! Thank you for sharing them. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend! xx

  9. Brrr...hope they have good clothing to keep the cold at bay while they fish. Some of those large sporting stores are like an amusement park.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. 1. Always nice to have a good book to read.
    2. It's good your team is doing well. I'm not much into sports anymore.
    3. That is a super cool fish sculpture.
    4. Sad news indeed.
    5. Brrr. It would be cold to go fishing with that on the ground.

  11. Love the sculpture, made me smile.

  12. My husband likes to fish too, but no tournaments. My team stinks--Atlanta Braves.

  13. Was that fish at Bass Pro Shop? :) It's a big one! Thanks so much for joining in at Random 5 Friday.


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