Friday, May 22, 2015

Finally Friday - 052215

1. The day of the week doesn't usually affect me but this week; I'm glad it's Friday.

2. Our peonies have begun to bloom. It's cool here but that means they will last longer. The fragrance is divine.
3. The Birdwatcher's Store On my "gotta go there" list.
4.  A botanical site I came across  Fact and Fiction about the Memorial Day Poppy.
5.  Where did the month of May go? Nice Photos with this recording.
We roamed the fields and river sides,
When we are young and gay;
We chased the bees and plucked the flowers,
In the merry, merry month of may.
Oh, yes, with ever changing sports,
We whiled the hours away;
The skies were bright,
Our hearts were light,
In the merry, merry month of may
---Stephen Foster

Around Roanoke


  1. The Birdwatchers Store looks inviting . . it's too far for me to visit today - BUT, i really like the look of it.

    Peonies . . aren't they splendid? a couple of years ago, i was so spell bound by a plant covered with white blooms . . they looked like a painting . . . except they would not last (of course) - i kept strolling by the house, just to take in the magic . . .

  2. enjoy your blooms and the bird store. :)

  3. Lovely Fri Five...Enjoyed the article on the poppies. Lots of great info. I love your beautiful peony!

  4. #1 I also had some days that were rough.
    #2 I'm going to the local tree peony festival tomorrow.
    #3 My "gotta go there" list keeps getting longer and longer.
    #4 Great story.
    #5 Time goes way too fast.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. i love peonies...yours are beautiful! the store looks great, go now!! thank you for linking and i hope you are having a wonderful week! tomorrow's friday again, how did that happen so quick?!!


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