Saturday, May 16, 2015

Possible Tenant

A vacancy nestled under the
Red Japanese Maple
  Under consideration
Let's have a look around.
How about the inside?
Porch could use a little work.
We'll get back to you.
 The porch situation may have been the deciding factor
No lease signed. But . . .
Some one else is not so fussy
Lease Signed



  1. so cute. hope they have a successful brood.

  2. Isn't this fun! We had wood ducks checking out box #2, but no buyers!

  3. adorable, and I love red Japanese maples!

  4. What an adorable post! Hope the new tenants will be happy there. :-)

  5. As you know, when choosing a home it has to be just right, no second bests. Birds are particular too.

  6. Love love love this narration!!!

    And glad to know it's now occupied. Y'all won't be disappointed with the leasers either, I'm sure of it!

    1. Anni, It's always great to get comments on a post and I look forward to them all. I just want to let you know yours was especially appreciated today. I sometimes wonder if others find my narrations a bit silly especially in comparison to the many professional photos I find on the blogs.
      You made my day.

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  8. So cute! I love the rustic charm of the birdhouse and I'm glad you were able to lease it! : ) We had a robin build a nest on top of a wreath that I had placed on an old door in the corner of our porch. It was so fun watching her sit on her 4 eggs. I could hardly wait to hear chirping babies. Well, not happening. Something got in her nest and ate the eggs. Mama was so upset and now has left. So sad!

  9. I loved the commentary and it went perfectly with the photos. Love the little chickadees....Michelle

  10. How nice to get some inhabitants to the house :)
    Have fun watching it. :)

  11. I almost missed this post, I love to see the birds checking out the birds houses. Looks like you have a few that will fight over the same property..

    BTW, Blueberries in the cake sounds awesome too.


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