Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Shade Deepens

and the Foliage thickens
So many varieties of Hosta these days.
Years ago you rarely saw one in home gardens.
And the price is unbelievable.
They are so easy to propagate and divide.
We often tell someone; just bring a shovel.
Lavender Cottage


  1. It is lovely to have green after the long winter.. My hostas are getting bigger ...Michelle

  2. I love all the greenery, the hostas are pretty. Lovely images and mosaic. Gayle, have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. Such a beautiful variety of greens. These scenes look so fresh and lovely.

  4. From the ground covers to the canopy above, the shades of green and all other colours, are some of the Master Artist greatest gifts~

  5. I love Hosta's Every year I buy more. My only complaint is they take so long to come up in the Spring. This year they were very reluctant. They do very well in pots I find and they come up quicker too.
    Love your garden. Thanks for visiting my blog, I will be following this one as I also love to garden

  6. it's that time of year...everything looks different and better everyday!!!

  7. The beauty of spring often overlooked...the lush green foliage! Lovely!

  8. Hosta galore. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very lush and green! Lovely hostas.

  10. I've had plain old hostas for years but the new varieties offer so much more for the garden. You're my kind of gardener that likes to share plants - I'm always giving pieces of something away and of course pot up a number of things for our garden club plant sale.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Gayle.

  11. I do love them and am always willing to share and receive. My friends know to call me when they are dividing and vice versa! I got a bunch of new varieties from a neighbor last year and they are doing well. I love my shade areas! Yours looks gorgeous!


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