Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wooden Shoe - Redo

The inspiration for my wooden shoe redo came from Jeanie on her blog, The Marmelade Gypsy
One of Jeanie's photos featured a door with a wooden shoe which appealed to my 'Dutch' side. And then low and behold didn't I spy a small wooden shoe on our first trip to the flea market this season. It is just the right size for a the small shutter I've had laying around for quite sometime.

 No, It's not a computer glitch.
I completely forgot to take a before photo, tsk.
I'm pretty sure it's not done.
 but I caught the house wrens in the act of removing pieces of my spring wreath for nesting; so that had to come down.

I'm not satisfied with the flowers just stuffed in the shoe and Sophie's clip (aka feet) need camouflaged.
You may remember Sophie from this post:
Sadie Visits Blue Monday

I'm pretty sure she won't be moving for awhile.

Question: The wooden shoe has a small hole on only one side). I noticed the one on Jeanie's post does too. Is there a purpose for this?

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  1. laughing at the wrens helping themselves to your nesting stuff. :) cute little shoe creation.

  2. The wooden shoes looks very pretty with the flowers in it, but I can see the birds stealing bits of it can be a problem!

  3. That wren is pretty brave to be so close to your door! I had to take a second look at first because I thought he might be fake. ;) Love the wooden shoe, and not sure why there is a hole in it either? I thought maybe to hang them, but not if it's only in one show...could it have been to connect the two together?

  4. That reminds me to put out my nesting ball of cotton, cat fur and some grasses for the birds to use..... Michelle

  5. Cute idea and Sophie seems very happy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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