Thursday, May 7, 2015

Good Fence; Good Neighbors

The neighbor's fence serves two purposes.
Required because they have a pool
And to keep their cute little dog, Amber safe.
They moved in when they were expecting their first child
who is now a sophomore in college.
We are often included in their celebrations.
And I suspect that after all these years,
They are now keeping an eye on the well being of the RG and I.
That's a good feeling.


  1. Hello Gayle, it is wonderful you have nice neighbors looking after you.. I am happy to see they have a fenced in yard for their dog.. We have some neighbors that do not have fences and their dogs run free. Pretty shot, I love the fence, trees and the blossoms in the distance.. Have a happy Thursday!

  2. Pretty view...and good neighbors...a perfect way to live.

  3. good neighbors to have! nice fence and nice stand of evergreens, too!

  4. Good neighbors are wonderful. When we moved from our home of 40 yrs last year, it was the neighbors we missed the most. :(
    Regarding that shutter you have...check out shutters on Pinterest and you will get tons of ideas....

  5. It is wonderful to have such nice neighbors - and a pretty fence too.

  6. Good neighbors...a lost art in southern California. And a beautiful photo, too. :) (new follower.)

  7. How nice to have such wonderful neighbors. They have a nice fence and it's good protection as you say.

  8. Making the Good Fences blog run and I stopped by!

  9. good fences and good neighbours! You are twice blessed!

  10. Great to have nice neighbors with a cute dog, isn't it?

  11. awwww, so sweet, the good neighbor part of this meme that we don't always share!!


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