Monday, October 5, 2015

Our World Tuesday 100615

The RG and I took a day trip last week.
We were in both Berlin and Poland all in one day
and never left the USA.
That would be towns of Berlin and Poland
in our neighboring state of Ohio.
The RG is contemplating entering a fishing tournament
at the lake formed by this dam.
So we took this day trip to check it out.

 It is a very nice area and well maintained
But the water level is very low right now.
 The owner of at a local boat sales
says the water is being released
to the Mahoning River at this time.

The trip home took us through the town of Poland
where I spied this grand tower.
While talking to our son today,
he remembered it being built while working in the area
several years ago.
He believes the bells and clock were used
from earlier structures in the town.
So that's a little more from our day trip on a lovely Fall day.
The 'button' buck I blogged earlier  here  and
fenced cemetery where President Grant's grandmother is buried
were from the same day here.
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  1. Nice - Paris, Texas next maybe!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. I know the feeling....we have London right here in Kentucky! Great photos!

  3. What fun to travel to interestingly named towns. The clock tower is wonderful and the lake is lovely.


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