Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Birds in the Outdoors 101415

Ringed Bill and Herring Gulls



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  1. Great shots - some of my favorite birds to photograph.

  2. I live on a rather tiny island (connected to the mainland by a 2 mile causeway) my house is situated between two beaches and I am woken every morning by the seagulls. I love them.

  3. Great series of images. I always enjoy seeing the gulls in flight!

  4. What fun to be watching the sea gulls in flight and otherwise. Nice captures.
    JM, IL

  5. The gulls in that spot are quite abundant most likely because there is a concession where people buy loaves of bread and throw it to the gulls, ducks and carp. One can practically reach out and shake hands (wings) with them. I have mixed feelings about the abundance of bread but they are beautiful.

  6. Did you throw fries to the gulls?


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