Monday, October 19, 2015

Second Blooms

These bushes decided to bloom for a second time this year
According to my research this can occur when the bush has experienced stress during the normal growing period;
probably limited rainfall in PA. 
While it may not harm the plant it could mean a less spectacular spring blooming period in the next season.
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  1. The flowers are pretty and the plants look healthy. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Very interesting - beautiful photos! I love forsythia.

  3. Well, I guess we have to wait until next spring to see it that is true ... but nice to have the flowers in the fall anyway.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. When I worked at the orchard, there was seldom a year that I did not find a few apple blossoms while picking apples in the fall.

  5. That is a great surprise I think. Very welcome :)

  6. Det händer hos mg med En inte remonterade ros blommar om hos mig rätt kul. De svarta bladen är så häftiga och den vita blomman till dom.
    Ha en bra dag

  7. I love Forsythia - when we were living in Holland we had a bush in the front of the house - one of the first flowers in Spring! Since it rains there as much as in the UK, I've never seen it happen but once a year blooms:)


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