Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Black & White Camo

On a cold blustery December morning.

The resident anglers found their favorite fishing holes
and waited patiently as good fishermen do.


With a partner

or in a group

waiting to take flight at the sign of a school of minnows.

These Ring-billed Gulls had more stamina than I, as I took flight
in the opposite direction to the warmth of the vehicle



  1. I like the sound when they all lift into the air and call to each other.

    1. I hear it all the time but thanks to your observation I will take time to 'listen' and absorb the sound next time.

  2. Brrr! Cold looking day only suitable for fishing gulls!

  3. LOL! I would have gone to the car, too!

  4. How fun your post. You had me on the first photo. Took a minute to sink in, the resident anglers. haha Lovely sharing....looks cold but those birds just don't mind at all. Thanks for visiting me and linking up so I can come visit. :)

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  5. That's quite a crowd of gulls!
    Great photos!

  6. Hello!:) I'm glad you braved the cold to take these pictures. I love the seagulls in flight and just before take off captures.:)

  7. Great post! In this case I love the group the most:)
    Recognized your name at another blog -and hope you'll come back to ALL SEASONS (small name change) soon! The times of the linky list also slightly changed from Sunday morning to Wed. 7pm Pacific time.
    Have a great week! The direct link is to the post open this coming Sunday (so it may not work yet till that time)

  8. Gulls are persistent.I hope they got something for their patient waiting.

  9. Beautiful photos!! We have sea gulls.....in Tennessee!!! There's a flock that stay in a parking lot in a small neighboring town, right near a McDonald's. I think they're waiting patiently for a French fry! ;-) Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. PLEASE join in tomorrow for our Friday Foto Friends link-up!!! Happy Thursday to you!

  10. Great series of shots. I love the passive seagulls.


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