Monday, December 5, 2016

Finally Took The Time

to capture this church without utility wires and street signs.

Oh Come All Ye Faithfu
in choosing this recording, few of them were 'joyful and triumphant' hmm.
This one was more along the lines of what I am used to.

We pass this church often in Greenville, PA.
The red doors seem to fit the season.


  1. a truly beautiful church, we have one church here with red doors. Tell Lucy she and Jake speak the same language to the mail man...What I don't get is why can't they just speak to the mailman from the sofa? why the stand up and look out the window. 3 dogs used to run back and forth at mailman time and heaven help if the UPS guy comes to the door. I placed a rocker and a table with unbreakable lamp in the path, it helped some. now there is just Jake, he stand up at one window runs around the rocker and gets behind the table. thus the unbreakable tree on the table..

    1. Last year we replaced a triple glass sliding door with a smaller double window. When Lucy hit that full glass it actually bulged out (no danger). 'Strangers' approaching would come to a halt with wide eyes. I'm remembering one poor little lady who did an immediate detour across the yard. At least we don't need a 'no soliciting sign'. Laughing til I cry at that memory. My apologies to little lady.

  2. Those pesky wire, I hate to find a beautiful church hiding behind a bunch of wires. It's been years since the last time that I was through Greenville. Gayle there sure a lot of versions of Christmas songs and hymns. Enjoy this Advent Season and stop back when you can.


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