Friday, December 2, 2016

In the Kitchen

Five Things I'm Thankful for

As a morning person, preparing a crockpot meal for evening
wins out over getting started in late afternoon
Bless the person who invented the 'dough' hook.
Pie making is not my favorite kitchen experience
and the dough hook makes a world of difference in
the number of homemade pies the RG enjoys in one year ;) 

Running water - I'm old enough to remember the homes
of family and neighbors with no running water.
I give thanks for it often.
The Bread Maker - this is non essential but it was a gift
and we enjoy the breads from time to time.

Aaaah, the Microwave - multiple uses all day long
but a hot cup of cocoa to end the day . . .


  1. Now that I'm retired (and hubby, too), we find ourselves reverting to the ways of our grandparents. I keep a kettle with hot water on the stove, like Grandma did. My garbage disposal konked out and I'm NOT replacing it! I put strainers in the sink. I hand wash my dishes now using a dish pan, like I did for years with my Grandfather. Life seems to have a slower pace now and we are ok with that.

  2. I am thankful for every single thing you mentioned, but for the dough hook, I don't bake, so don't have one, but I am thankful that others have one and bake and I can buy what they bake.. I lived 3 years of my life without indoor bathroom and with drinking water 100 yards away to be carried by ME in buckets. we did have a rainwater cistern to use for bathing, in a tub in the basement, heating buckets of water up stairs to carry down. YEP, I am thankful for water and facilities inside the house

  3. Enjoyed your five things: -- the dough hook -- isn't that the truth! I'll have to count how many times a day I use the microwave. Lots of memories in your five. Happy Friday!

  4. I not only love my bread machine because then I know what's in the mix for bread, but it is now my go to for Pizza. Love how the dough makes a great pizza. Microwaves...not sure how I ever lived without one, but took the hubby and kids a while to convince me we needed one. Now would be lost without one and my dishwasher. haha :)


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