Monday, January 9, 2017

09 January 2017 - The January Tidy-up . . .

project I shared last week is under way. But since the RG has decided the framing of one window needs replaced, my efforts are on hold until we complete that task. So for this week I decided to share my method of keeping these containers tidy.

They are various take-out containers.. I don't use plastic for cooking or re-heating in general but as long as they are not heated I feel safe using them for storage and sharing with others.

But simply having them on a cupboard shelf was chaotic and did nothing for my disposition when they were all mixed up and constantly tumbled out.

I place a piece of tape over the vents to keep the contents fresh.

The basket is from Target.
I fell in love with these several years ago 
because they are easy to keep clean 
and I love the look of being woven.

I prefer the ones with straight sides for the  kitchen
and use others with sloped sides in various sizes
all over the house.
And especially like them for office purposes.
Part of my January tidy-up
has been deciding if any need de-cluttered
and where I want them
and for what purpose in 2017.



  1. I used dollar store baskets to do this, and have for years. my hall closets is organized with baskets, some open some closed. one has bottles standing in it, like extra shampoo and toothpaste, I also use them in my kitchen cabinets like you are doing with your containers. I even use small ones for spices/salt/pepper.. easy to pull out and see. hubby makes me crazy putting things in baskets they don't belong in. I need to take all the baskets out of the hall and get rid of expired or things I don't want... I love the last collarge and you have given me even more ideas for baskets

  2. You are inspiring me to do some "spring cleaning" (here if Florida, winter IS like spring). I love to use plastic containers for storage too, but I need to do some refining and defining and re-designing to eliminate and consolidate. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Dollar store baskets are the best. I need to get organizing too!

  4. Looks like a wonderful organizing idea. Right now,'m knee deep in kitchen make overs organizing is not high on my priorities list.


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