Monday, January 2, 2017

Along a Rural Road in Winter

We were graced with a beautiful snowfall
to close out 2016


  1. A lovely winter landscape, not unlike what we see here.

  2. What a lovely view to end the year.

  3. I am wondering what the tracks are, way to wide for a truck or car,

    1. more detail in the photo would make it clearer. This is a two lane road and what appears to be tracks is just the berm that the snow plow uncovered.

  4. This is SO beautiful! I am waiting patiently (as I do every year) for some snow in NC. We may get some by the weekend :) Happy New Year!

  5. So peaceful and beautiful. We don't get to see those sights here in Florida, so I enjoy seeing them here! (where I am warm and cozy!). :)

  6. That's how our 2017 started out. On New Year's Eve the ground was bare but the next day it snowed (again)...brrrr...It's pretty but I'm ready for Spring (yesterday!)


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