Sunday, January 1, 2017

Response to January Tidy Up

Home Improvement
Over the next couple months I will be sharing my journey of creating a guest room and/or place of solitude between visitors here,  

As a result this week's photos are anything but easy on the eye but my purpose is to establish 'the before'; share the progress over time and the final reveal.

Blank canvas reveal . . .
The dimensions are 9x13. Not a large room
But with the right number and dimensions of pieces
it can be comfortable without feeling crowded.

This antique secretary, which my Grandmother passed on to me
will probably remain. Along with a double bed, 
small stand and comfortable chair.
Time will tell

First on the agenda is woodwork repair
as a result of  window replacement.
(too easy to camouflage these shortcomings with curtains
and then tend to forget about them)

Pretty obvious the closet doors need refinished (maybe painted) 
and hardware upgrade

Leftover sticker on the back of the door;
off it comes.

So this is where I will begin; hopefully this week
Thankfully, nothing major, and all things I can tackle myself.



  1. That should be a fun project...especially when you think of the guests who will be blessed in your special room created especially for them. It will be lovely, I am sure...and the important thing is that the hospitality be warm and friendly...the surroundings are not as important as that! Enjoy your adventure! You never know who the Lord may send to visit you!

  2. It's always so much fun fixing up a room...i love doing that.

  3. Good luck, this should be fun for us, can't wait to see the finished doors and window sills. I love following along what people are doing. this room is the same size I am sitting in, and I have to much stuff in here, you are inspiring me

    1. That stuff just tends to creep in there doesn't it?

  4. I can't text on my phone by typing, I talk to it instead. that tiny keyboard makes me crazy.

    1. uhhh, didn't know I could talk---HAHAHA. Thanks, my world just changed.

  5. I can't wait to see how your room looks at the end! I love the secretary. It is just beautiful.

  6. What a great post. I love all the before's. I know you'll have fun even though it sounds like a chore. So great to have it documented. You need a prize for taking the challenge! Thanks for linking. Feel free to come over and add all your progress. Leave comments too for extra points for the Birthday Giveaway.


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