Thursday, January 19, 2017

Love of History

As I sit here watching the coverage of the history in the making this day before the inauguration, I am thankful for my parents who instilled a love of American history. 

Part of that interest in history encompasses all the pomp and circumstance and the history behind why things are done the way they are. Much of it has a significant purpose and some of it is simply traditions and personal preference.

My Mom was a stay at home homemaker and during her time in 'history' her day often included game shows, soap operas and . . . news coverage while completing her days work. When I would come home from school she may have viewed something like the presidential inauguration and share things she had observed from the serious to the bloopers. (no DVRs in those days ;) She especially liked the coverage of the Space Program.

She went on to be elected to a position in local government which she held for many years.

During my years as a 'stay at home' I continued her tradition. Sad to say that included the space shuttle disaster of 1986.
Now that I'm retired I look forward to watching the coverage as they happen once again.

I recently posted this on facebook:
I look forward every four (8) years to the pomp and circumstance of inauguration day. A few hours to just sit back and reflect on our country's history. It's a given that all the politics will start up again in due time. I just pray that this inauguration day can be one of peace for just those few hours at least.



  1. I really like the photo of your parents. mother was married in a suit much like this one and a hat also, in 1943. I am glad you said your love of all the things mentioned here came from your parents. I have always felt like something is wrong with me because I don't like all the pomp and circumstance, have never watched any of it on TV.. now I know it is because my parents did not watch it or talk about it. we had no TV or radio and when we finally got one in the 60's no one watched it but the news at 5 and the western shows. I assume this means we become what we live which makes me feel better and I now know it was my upbringing. enjoy your watching of all the P and C and think of me reading a book.

  2. Nothing like being thankful for great parents. We need more of those in life today. Thanks for linking up this Thursday and I hope to see you back next Thursday.

  3. What a beautiful photo of your parents. I've worked on some old photos this week and walked down memory lane. Hugs!


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