Sunday, June 27, 2010

What A Difference an Afternoon makes...

The weather was iffy and we were so so about going to the flea market today but decided to chance it anyway. can guess the rest of the story---a great find.

Have you seen the Ikea ad where the lady tells her huband 'get the car; get the car' because she thinks they charged her the wrong LOW prices? Well, I asked the price and when she said $2, I paid and turned to my resident Pescator and said 'just take it and go; just take it and go' HAHA

The original plan was to paint it for on the porch but the Pescator said maybe not.And what to my wondering eyes did appear? ---solid unblemished walnut
What a beauty for by the door to replace the t.v. tray he now leaves his keys, official pescator certificate (aka fishing license :), etc. on

Oh well, there's always next week for that empty spot on the porch : ).

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