Thursday, February 11, 2016

Friday Favourites from Saturday's Drive

So for Cath's Friday Favourites, here we go . . .
The rest of the story - almost
A one room school converted to a cottage.
I want to take another drive to see the other side
which appears to have an addition.
A totem pool which is not really a pole
but part of a real tree at Lake Latonka.
 One of several docks at Lake Latonka

 The Dam built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
forming the 300 acre lake.
The sound of the water rushing over the dam was soothing.

A distant view of some of the homes surrounding the lake.

Maple Lane Farm
The long storage building houses multiple pontoons.
Perhaps belonging to the residents of Lake Latonka?

See something that catches your eye?
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(more to come).
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  1. Lovely to go exploring with you! Happy Valentines! xx

  2. I love the flag in the last shot...I like the totem pole, too.


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