Tuesday, February 23, 2016

That Fine Line . . .

between treasure and junk.

We all know the old adage about junk and treasures and anyone who has watches American Pickers
knows 'treasures' to them can be a stretch.
My entries today, in my observation are just plain junk,
but applying the above statements, here they are.
 Give it a few years and it may have sunk to the top of the tires
Who towed who?

I saw this the first time in the summer and it looks nice surrounded by the plants.
Guess someone didn't have time to do
the needed maintenance for Fall and Winter.
Seeking treasures?
Find them at:



  1. Well, I guess they tried to decorate...nice captures! I can't believe they didn't even take the chains off the tires in that first shot.

  2. To me it looks like junk, but after watching the boys, I know to someone somewhere these are real treasures. Some of the places they go, they overwhelm me just looking at them.

  3. I see that you are a junk magnet just like I am. Love your treasures and your captions. Hurry on back with more Western PA treasures.

  4. It might be junk, but it photographs well!

  5. You are so right, such a fine line! lol

  6. Great topic! I am one of those that sees that tractor/dozer as the sum of its parts. That grill, the chain, those wheels and gauges all treasure!

  7. Great pictures of junk. I often wonder about things, like the tow truck and the car. At what point were both abandoned - and why? We often pass a huge semi with cattle carrying trailer - it sits on a narrow strip of land near a river - across the street from a house - it is green with moss and trees have sprouted in it. When was it last used - why did they turn it off and never return - why was it not hauled away?

  8. i love that the snow chains have been left on the tractor tires, but I don't know why. Someone was in a real hurry, maybe.


  9. This might be called junk, but I find all the old rusting pieces so interesting and love photographing them. This is a great collection. Junk in my mind can be beautiful.

  10. I find rusty things to be treasures in themselves. Of course that all depends though on who's yard they are in (I wouldn't keep them in my own).


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