Monday, February 1, 2016

Treasure in the Still of the Night

Soft Snowflakes in the Still of the Night
A Treasure in the Winter Garden 

Just something about old wood and metal

“Not all treasure is silver and gold mate”--Capt. Jack Sparrow

Joining Tom for:


  1. Lovely snowy sparkles in your first shot, Gayle but I just love that rusty old barrow!

  2. I like that rusty wheelbarrow. We're expecting lots more of that winter garden treasure today. :-)

  3. Love the quote and love the old rusted wheel barrow. Your pictures are so cool. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You know Gayle that a good gardener takes better care of her tools than this! Oh well I do like rusty stuff. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more of your treasures in the future.

  5. I am beginning to think we are never going to have any of those treasured flakes!

  6. It is amazing what snow can cover up and reveal! xx

  7. Beautiful falling snow scene! Great wheel barrow. And I love the quote.

  8. For some reason rust makes for pretty cool photos. Liking the snow shot as well.



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