Saturday, June 6, 2015

Backyard Birds 060615

Out for a stroll 
 have we met?
 May I offer you some refreshments?
 No Lucy, we aren't eating out today
good bye, nice seeing you.
All  kidding aside
A lovely specimen
Wild Turkey - meleagris gallopavo


  1. lucy is adorable. love the turkey, too.

  2. It is always neat seeing the wild turkeys. And I love your Lucy!

  3. ...and it is a beauty!!!
    Lucy....sweet photo!!!!!

    enjoyed the commentary too Gayle.

  4. Great turkey - he looks like he owns the road!

  5. hahhaa...cute post.
    A few yrs ago, I saw something moving out in my front yard and it was a wild turkey...right in the middle of town.
    I took about a million photos of him...but he was moving pretty fast..he was out of his territory, knew it and wanted to get back where he belonged. :)

  6. Nice bird - although I am sure it will be less bold come Thanksgiving!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne (airport)

  7. I love catching sight of those wild turkeys. Your dog is beautiful.

  8. What a great encounter! Beautiful bird! Glad the pup was in the car! :-)

  9. I always enjoy seeing the wild turkeys
    Love the dog, too!

  10. I always love seeing these birds around our farm. You captured this one well!


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