Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wildbird Wednesday 061015

It was tremendous
It was outstanding
It was stupendous
It was glorious
Yep, It WAS and I missed the shot
An Osprey hovering in mid air
wings flapping
big SIGH.
Here's another one gliding.


  1. we've all been there in some way or another. :)

  2. been there, done that and had the tee shirt but you may be more fortunate the next time!

  3. I know that feeling oh so well. It makes go out again and again though. The shots look good to me.

  4. They are such majestic birds. We see them here in Florida and it's fun to try to get photos. You did great! Hugs, Diane

  5. The Ospreys are cool to watch hawking or fishing.. Great sighting, they are cool birds.

  6. Your picture is awesome! I know what you mean, though...I had that happen to me with a hawk, right over my head, and didn't have my camera!


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