Friday, June 26, 2015

Willy Nilly 062615

Here and There this week

1.  In light of all the rain
Trickling streams are making a statement.

2.  The dampness has brought these mushrooms.

3.  Excursions with family visiting from Arizona
took us to the Foxburg Wine Cellars and other fund stuff overlooking the Allegheny River.

4.  And more Family Fun despite the rain
complete with a rainbow.

5.  Now, back to normal 'atMuldoon'
(whatever that is)


  1. Love the images shared today.
    It's always fun to have family and adventurous days with them.
    The rainwater making the brooks making 'a statement' indeed. Nothing more relaxing and refreshing that moving water and the sound!!!

    The mushrooms are interesting too....they always appear in the damp dark air, don't they.

  2. Well looks like we both featured (water) today for WNF5 - Here though we've had a lack of it.
    I enjoyed seeing your photos. Loved the pretty streams and the rainbow shot.

  3. The streams look wonderful - what a great time.

  4. #1 W#wonderful waterfalls.
    #2 Damp and mushrooms go together.
    #3 Great sign.
    #4 NO rain, No rainbow!
    #5 I have never been able to figure out what normal is.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Wonderful wet weather bounty of shots! Love the rushing overflowing water. How nice you have had visitors, family from AZ! I bet they enjoyed the winery!

  6. Interesting 5...we gave been having a lot of mushrooms because of all the rain.


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