Monday, June 1, 2015

Nature Notes 060215

Sunday morning drive through the State Park
A Painted Turtle in the middle of the road
We stopped;
 me to take a picture;
the RG to perform a rescue.

Peek a Boo

I didn't know a turtle could
close the draw bridge so to speak.
The survival techniques of nature leave me in awe of the Creator.
The RG placed him safely off the road.
I just wonder if that was the side he was going to
or where he had come from.
We forgot to ask.

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  1. yes, they sure close up tight when they want to! :)

  2. Oh, he's shy! So good of you to rescue it.

  3. ...and they can 'shut themselves' out of the world in less than a blink of an eye!!
    This makes me wonder "Why did the turtle cross the road?"

    And love your mosiac post below this one too Gayle.

    1. Whatever the turtle's reason for crossing, he forgot halfway there ; )

  4. Cute turtle! I am glad it was moved off the road. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  5. What a beautiful little turtle, I'm so glad you helped it cross safely.

  6. those. When our grandboys were little, we often found these and we would make a home in a box for them for only 2 days...then, we turned them loose. Such fun for the little boys...
    And, tell your sweetheart that I am making a cherry pie this week, my favorite....and I will eat an extra piece for him. lol

  7. ...oh, and ask him if he wants me to send a picture of it...(you will be FORCED to make him one...)

  8. soooo very sweet that you stopped to help!!!!

  9. Ok . Not sure if this is a repeat or whether my first message got lost in cyberspace. Your turtle is a lot cuter than the one I posted yesterday! I love that you guys rescued him

    1. Looks aren't everything ;) We got a couple homely snapping turtles too.

  10. Thank you for helping the turtle.... A cute one at that as we too get big snapping turtles here.... Michelle


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