Sunday, July 31, 2016

Blue Hosta

Simple Pleasure: Relaxing on a misty morning and watching a bumble bee 
feast on the nectar of this large Blue Hosta.

The top layer of a blue hosta leaf is covered with a glaucous coating that provides a blue appearance to the leaf. They are generlly bluer when they first emerge.


  1. Your hosta collage looks great!

  2. Gayle, this is lovely. So nice to see a bit of your garden as well, through the deck banisters. I love the grey-green leaves, and I can picture you sitting there.
    Thank you for showing.

  3. Great captures. I love the blue cast on this plant.

  4. My blooms are looking a little sad lately so, I clipped them today...yours looks fresh and wonderful!...:)JP


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