Monday, August 15, 2016

Much Needed Rain

Sunshine After The Rain
(30sec instrumental before the words)

It came down hard when it finally got here.

The Promise

Sunshine after the rain.


  1. droplets are wonderful plus double rainbow and two pots of gold... beautiful

  2. We finally had some hard rains over the weekend, much needed. Thanks for sharing this timely post. May the rain fall softly on your garden. Please stop back again Gayle.

  3. So much needed up beat after visiting Ulrika's sad song. Nice job on matching the beat to the rhythm of a hectic rainfall. Good photo match as well.

  4. We need rain too. It did a while on Saturday but nothing like we need.

  5. Beautiful scenes. Everything looks better after a rain.

  6. SO great to get much needed rain - we so need it! And a rainbow!


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