Friday, August 5, 2016


a new word for me; the quality of having a ready insight into things; shrewdness. I think I like it.

Tall Garden Phlox = Phlox paniculata
"This plant is a native, and with true American perspicacity and enterprise has forged his way from magenta obscurity to the most prominent place in the floral world."'
My Garden' by Louise Beebe Wilder, 1916


  1. Hello, the phlox is pretty, lovely photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. I like this one! This is a nice close up of this beautiful flox. I think: butterflies love this flowers!

  3. I'm so glad I have an Oxford Dictionary beside my laptop because 'perspicacity' is a new word to me.
    Now I'm wondering if this is P. paniculata 'David', the supposed mildew free variety in your photo? I pulled mine out just last week because every year it is covered in mildew. On the other hand, P.xCarolina 'Miss Lingard' has been disease free in my garden for 20 years.

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    2. I consulted the RG. He has thinned this patch of phlox because of the mildew every year. His thought is that so far no mildew because of our dry, dry season.

  4. Never heard of that before but I love learning new words, thank you :) Thanks also for sharing the pretty flox with Today's Flowers, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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