Monday, August 15, 2016

Up in Smoke

Playing with shutter speed

 Gazing at a campfire - a simple pleasure


  1. I have been a fire lover my whole life, and this one is beautiful. the blue smoke is so pretty. wish i were there with my marshmallows

  2. Great photos I can almost make out figures in the flames.

  3. I love the smoke from fires too, love the blue. I'm looking forward to fall sitting around our fire pit with hot chocolate in hand.

    1. A neighbor teases me about having a campfire on the hottest day of the year ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Technically open burning which is 100% permitted in our twp.

  5. Hi Gayle, We are campers from way back and a campfire is the happy part of the day. Our children always camped with us and it was marshmallow time Your fires is great and who cares if it is hot. Smile!!!
    Thank you for joining Blue Monday.

  6. Replies
    1. I shared your question with the RG. His response: Oh Wow Man . . . (unlike me who didn't have a clue)

  7. Lovely photos of the camp fire. It brought back a memory of a trip up to Canada and we stayed at this way out in the boonies place with rustic cabins to rent. We had a campfire and talked into the wee hours, our only lighting from the flames which were mesmerizing. Woke up that night freezing and could have done with that fire but what a great memory. Loved it and thank you for bringing it back.

  8. Great shots of the blue campfire smoke...although I must say a camp fire right about now might just send me over the! The heat here is just miserable but it sure is nice to dream about the fall coming soon! LOVE campfires in the fall!


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