Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Down Memory Lane

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Joining Suzanne at VTT. Click the link above to attend the party. Its loads of fun.

The mirror, cameos and one locket belonged to my grandmother. The pearls were my mother's wedding pearls and the Kremetz bracelet and a locket were hers too.
Spanning the generations the locket on the left was my grandmother's; the one in the middle was my mother's. The third locket is mine.

This is my grandfather sometime between 1918 and the 1920s
And these are my parents in the 1940s.
My grandfather had this 1913 goldpiece made into a necklace for my grandmother. I wish I knew if it had some significance to them. I never thought to ask but I wear it almost everyday.
Few things are more precious to me than the memories these things bring to mind.

Time to enjoy more VTT with Suzanne at Colorado Lady.

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