Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Collecting from a Man's point of view

Time for Vintage Thingy Thursday with Suzanne.

If you like a lodge feel you will love my RP's (resident pescator aka resident retired gardner ) decor in our family room. This is just one corner. The whole room reflects the nature in our area. (the piece of driftwood in the corner reminds us of a great blue heron)

These are few of his antique lures and the wooden pieces were made by my grandfather. And here is a row of collectable reels. The wooden boxes at the bottom were handmade by another fisherman to hold his reels and his brother passed them onto the RP.

Here is an old bait bucket and a couple vintage fishing licenses
More lures.
A vintage tackle box.
and a collectable wooden bobber.
Note the theme lampshade and the boat says Jet Craft and has a patent#. It originally would have had a motor attached at the back powered by baking soda.
And the most vintage of all; the RP himself about 30 years ago. His passion is still ice fishing. And yes I sometimes go along. His mustache is a slightly different color in my profile picture : ).
If you enjoyed these pictures half as much as he loves the sport, my goal was met.

EDITED to say: The round things on top of the wooden boxes are dried chestnuts from that place where Suzanne says there are bears---Yellowstone.
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