Monday, July 12, 2010

Mid week Blooms

Linking with A Southern Daydreamer for "Outdoor Wednesday"

This plate rack wiggled into my flea market tote a couple weeks ago but there was no where for it to take up residence inside. Not to worry. These petunias were just waiting to hop on board.

There was a discussion on the radio today about roller coasters and that's what this planter reminds me of. Leaning over and holding on for dear life but it won't take them long to stretch right up to the sun.

Most of what shows up here for outdoor posting is the result of my RRG (resident retired gardener) Even his woodshed deserved a bright spot this summer.

Another idea for this season was to replace a row of hosta with this brightly colored coleus. It's coming along nicely. This picture reminds me of high school art class and learning about perspective.

The coneflowers are wearing their brightly colored skirts quite boldly.

And yes, those are mildweed too. After all in the end a weed is just a misplaced flower.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, I'll pass them on to the RRG when he isn't off pescating. Ah, the life of the retired. Someday I'll know too.

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