Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creating a Simple Pleasure

Joining Dayle for Simple Pleasures
I like the idea of taking time to think of simple pleasures so here I am late in the day.
This is where one of my simple pleasures begins. Are you scared yet?
Maybe another tool will give you a hint

Now you are probably getting the idea
My simple pleasure is to relax by a camp fire
We are still fortunate to be allowed this simple pleasure in our township and I am so glad because for me to sit and relax; watch the flames and smell the wood smoke is indeed a simple pleasure
It's even fascinating from the sideporch
Or on the swing
Maybe it wasn't so simple after all since I had to carry the wood and build the fire just to take the photos. Nah, didn't mind it a bit because it is one of my simple pleasures to enjoy.

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