Monday, July 5, 2010

A work at home day

With the office closed and the holiday over today became a work at home day. Planning for a baby shower in a few weeks prompted the notion that cleaning the carpet was in order. It was probably in order anyway but having a reason to motivate me is always helpful. Well, if you're going to clean you might as well re-arrange right? So.....
I moved the computer desk and eliminated a floor lamp. Then I added this table lamp that I got at an auction several years ago. The shade is from Lowe's and I just love it.Moving to the other side I place a tapesty box in which to tuck my camera and wires away and another small dish that now holds flash memory sticks.Now I have a question? Where do they come from????? They were not there two days ago! Well there is that family reunion coming up and I will need to take a casserole...

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