Saturday, July 10, 2010

More from Memory Lane

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If you read my earlier blog about the demise of my camera you'll understand my loss. These pictures just aren't the quality I'm used to and I hope to be able to get a replacement soon.

But the quality doesn't diminish the enjoyment I feel for having these family pieces to treasure.

This pine corner cupboard was made for my mother by my grandfather in 1956. I should have moved the eucalyptus so you could see the finial.
All these glass pieces of course have a story of their own and mostly belonged to my grandmother and mother. But I'll save those another day of spotlighting.

I will share about this beauty today. You can see that it is ruby glass and cut crystal with the name Annie sketched into it. It originally belonged to my great grandmother Annie Blackett Sherwin, my grandmother's namesake. I never knew her but heard alot about her including the fact that she was born in England and immigrated to the USA as a young woman.
The oak armchair peeking through in the first picture has a story all its own. Stay in touch. I'm sure it will come up some day.

Time to enjoy some other blogs at Favorite Things Saturday.

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