Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Tell than Show?

Joining Cindy for Show and Tell Friday.

Glimpses of this oak dining chair seem to make their way into several of my photos so I decided today it should be in the spotlight. It was the arm chair with a dining room set my Dad bought for his mother in the 1940s before he was married. He bought the set second hand so I have no idea its real age.

Sidenote: I love all the painted furniture I see on the blogs but most of the time the beauty of the wood grain wins out for my redos. Something to do with my grandfather's woodworking hobby I think. But I digress.

My mother always said she lived in 5 homes and never changed her address. That was because my Dad was constantly moving walls and changing the lay-out of their house. Somehow as a result of a re-do on the second floor this chair ended up out under the eaves and the cubby hole door he built wouldn't accomodate its return to civilization. So the story went as I was growing up---'that chair is stuck out there'.

When the task of clearing out my parents home came upon me, my cousin and partner in crime during our youth came to my rescue. And when I told her about the chair she replied 'That Chair IS Coming Out of There. Get the tools!' So after removing the cubby hole frame and 'enlarging' the opening just a bit ;/ (not to mention my cousin risking life and limb) out she came.

Notice how the arm is set back to accomodate pulling in close to the table. And here she is refinished and nesting at Muldoon. So that's her story and I often wonder what the new owners of the house thought when they went into the back of a particular closet. 'Search me how that happened.' : ).

Stop back anytime at Muldoon and don't forget to have some fun with Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

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