Thursday, May 5, 2016

Friday's Hunt 050616

S - for 'Soaring'
We had to go by boat to see this beauty.
He is carrying a fish in his claws.

Favorite - sweet little Canada Geese goslings

Smile - Toothless



  1. aw i miss those toothless smiles! so cute! great photos!

  2. Hello, great series for your Friday hunt. The eagle soaring is awesome. I love the sweet goslings. The smile is adorable. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a great collection and I don't have to tell you which pic is MY favorite, do I?...:)JP

  4. We've had an eagle across the river most days this week. Magnificent birds. The goslings are precious. That is one great smile.

  5. I did smile at thetoothless shot and the goslings are so cute and fluffy. Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Lovely soaring eagle, and who can't resist smiling at the toothless smile.

  7. Wonderful photos! Love the eagle and goslings! Cute little guy!

  8. Great image of the eagle! Goslings are truly the cutest! I love the toothless grin! Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. I always enjoy seeing what you have to share.

  9. Wonderful images! Love the soar photo what a wonderful capture! Awee toothless smiles are the best smiles when they are kiddos haha.


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