Monday, May 30, 2016

Treasure of the Times 053116

My Dad's US Army Uniform 
He served as a Technician in the Med Corp
Stationed in New Guinea during WWII

Just found this in the pocket today.
It was so like him to have kept a record for future reference.



  1. Wonderful treasures to remember your Dad by.

  2. My father was a Seabee on Guam. He never talked about the war and we never asked. I can only wonder about what he saw and did. We know the your Dad was there to help those in need, a noble things and I thanks him! Gayle, thanks for sharing this special family treasure. Find peace this week.

  3. oh my goodness what a wonderful keepsake and extra special to find the hand written note!

  4. A treasure indeed. Congratulations.

  5. A great tribute! Can't remember if New Guinea was during World War II one of the Dutch colonies, but since I was born in Indonesia, another of the Dutch -this is special to me!
    You may also know that Wm Paul Young, bestseller of "The Shack" lived in NG in this childhood years.

  6. Now that is a priceless treasure!!


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