Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Preston Digression 051116

For today's post I am digressing from Preston Park 
to share a photo that I look at with wonderment 
every time I bring it up.
The first time I viewed it on my camera 
I thought it was double exposure or something.
Now that I know it's for real, I guess birds are into tattoos too.
Maybe its not that unusual of a feather pattern
but it was a first for me!

It was a heron kind of day.
I could watch them for hours.

Yesterday's moment of joy was the capturing a Baltimore Oriole.
We've been hearing them a few days 
but they tend to stay away from the house until . . .

and then at the state park today . . .
my first Pileated Woodpecker
a bit hidden by the foliage but it's that time of year.


  1. Hello Gayle, The Heron with the "tattoo" is cool. I love the Oriole and the Pileated Woodie. Great birds and photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  2. I didn't notice the, "tattoo", at first, but wow! That is pretty unusual!

  3. Great birds! The Baltimore Oriole has so beautiful orange color.

  4. The heron with "tattoo" is beyond amazing....great picture.

  5. Beautiful colour on the Oriole


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