Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Preston Outdoors 051116

These photos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the outdoors at this park.
(or in Dr. Preston's case 'the lip of the moraine'.

There is a large oval arboratum where several of the trees have signs describing what they are.

I like the unique pruning of this row.

This is the back of the lab and upstairs residence.

Now turn slowly from the above spot
and this is your view down the terraced lawn.

As you make your way down the lawn
the serenity of the pond can be felt.

Then the sound of the water streaming over the dam.

 Back up the hill and there are a few more buildings 
instrumental to the glass research.

At the beginning I used the term 'lip of the moraine'.
That was because as a conservationist, Dr. Preston
donated a large amount of land on the edge of a moraine 
from the ice age which is now part of
our local state park in another location of the county.
I am fairly certain this 'pebble'
was brought from the area of the moraine.

Preston Park is an 88-acre English garden donated by Dr. Frank Preston, founder of Preston Laboratories, and Mrs. Jane Preston. Dr. Preston, a glass scientist, ornithologist, and ecologist, created and designed an English garden as a place to live, work and enjoy nature.  Dr. Preston apparently walked the entire property daily at dawn, in accordance with his origins in England where a deep interest in nature is a great pastime.

Visitors are able to appreciate the natural habitat by bird watching, catch and release fishing, and studying rare plant life which includes prairie grass and hybrid tree species.  Throughout the property there are many secluded and scenic areas for picnics and gatherings.  



  1. Hi Gayle, I don't know how your URL slipped through my fingers (I have the list of participants for SEASONS) and see now how much you posted! The only thing I can think of is that for the past 3 weeks I've not been feeling well (but that's such a lame excuse, so I'm not making it!!)
    Love that huge blower bush, and I love arboretums. A pity they don't have one where we moved to almost 2 years ago.
    The link is open till 7pm today (Wednesday) in the post SEASONS-moms day in May, so I hope you accept my apology and will be a part of SEASONS again:) Have a great week!

  2. What a lovely area! I could easily live above the lab!

  3. A very nice area. Would love taking a stroll thorough it.

  4. Came from "Signs" and was hoping there would be an earlier post telling me more about Preston. Glad I scrolled back .... Serenely beautiful..,how good of the Prestons to donate the land.


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