Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Preston Treasures 051016

In this week's link-ups, sites and features of Preston Park are taking center stage. Although its been open to the public for a few years, last week was the first time the RG and I ventured forth.

Preston Park was the home and workplace of Frank Preston, an English-American engineer, ecologist and conservationist who helped found the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.
Preston was a leading expert in glass technology. Among his accomplishments was the development of a lens polishing machine for George Eastman, the founder of Eastman Kodak. He invented a glass-melting furnace that allowed Corning Glass to create Corelle glassware.

The Residence/Laboratory
The second story has a three-room apartment 
built for a resident caretaker. 
In 1947, the Prestons moved into the apartment 
for the remainder of their lives.
In the distance you can see the roof of a small building. 
This was referred to as
Jane's Cabin or 'the hacienda'.
Summer evenings were spent here 
since the residence didn't have A/C.
Apparently she was a progressive 
and had her own 'she shed' years before they 
became the popular item of today. :) 

Approximately 50-75 employees worked here. 

from the past

 Machine Shop

 The Pump House
and another view of the machine shop

This post has been a little longer than normal for me
but I was so taken by this hidden treasure 
in our proverbial backyard 
that I just had to share it.
I'll be sharing more of the grounds and fences 
as the week goes by.



  1. Great hidden treasures. Have a great day!

  2. Gayle, what a historic treasure the Preston Laboratory is. I find it interesting that Mr. Preston had an impact on Kodak and Corning, two local companies here. Thanks for the tour and please come back soon.

  3. I love history and love to learn. I sure get some great info from the blogs I follow. Enjoy this bit of info about Kodak and Corning. Thanks for sharing. I am fairly new to Tom's Treasures and I'm, loving it.

  4. That was a fascinating tour Gayle, thank you!

  5. what a great place, thanks for the tour!


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